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Coin Suffix: BCZ
Staking Minimum: 100 BCZ
Staking Reward: 1 BCZ
Masternode Collateral: 5000 BCZ
Masternode Reward: 1 BCZ
Mining: POS/POW (POW over)
Algorithm: SHA256/Lyra2Z
Target Spacing: 150 Seconds
Retarget: every block
Confirmation: 6 Blocks
Maturity: 100/120 Blocks
Blocks: ~576 per day
MaxBlock Size: 4MB
P2P Port: 29500
RPC Port: 29501
Client core: PIVX 4.1.X
Privacy: Coming

Gravity Coin

Coin Suffix: GXX
Reward: 2 GXX
Masternode Collateral: 10000 GXX
Masternode Reward: 3.5 GXX
Mining: POS/POW -Cpu (POS Coming Soon)
Algorithm: lyra2z330
Target Spacing: 150 Seconds
Retarget: every block
Confirmation: 6 Blocks
Maturity: 100 Blocks
Blocks: ~576 per day
MaxBlock Size: 4MB
P2P Port=29100
RPC Port=29200
Client core: ZCOIN
Privacy: Sigma (on maintenance)


Coin Suffix: BZX
Reward: 11 BZX
Masternode Collateral: 45000 BZX
Masternode Reward: 18 BZX
Mining: POW -Gpu
Algorithm: Lyra2Z
Target Spacing: 150 Seconds
Retarget: every block
Confirmation: 6 Blocks
Maturity: 100 Blocks
Blocks: ~576 per day
MaxBlock Size: 4MB
P2P Port=29301
RPC Port=29201
Client core: ZCOIN
Privacy: Sigma (on maintenance)


The SpecialCoins Ecosystem consists of three different cryptocurrencies with three different functions and accessibility to three different audiences and markets.
Each coin has a cutting edge and unique feature set. In addition to unique SpecialCoins coding strengths and features, the lead community developer, Advisor, is able to examine and improve the code of other projects to incorporate into the SpecialCoins Ecosystem.
In this way, SpecialCoins not only have the best of what is generally available in other coins, SpecialCoins also have features, improvements, and tweaks that are not available in any other project.

Our Mission

Bitcoin heralded the coming of cryptocurrency and is still the most visible.
However, all know that the future will be in altcoins.
The SpecialCoins ecosystem is positioned to be designed for the user needs.
To offer user friendly experience, aiming for widespread adoption by beeing flexible and adaptive.
Diverse feature set that ensures the GravityCoin, BitcoinCZ, and BitcoinZero will be the choice of the global population, when the world is finally ready to embrace cryptocurrency for real commerce, real usage, and real store of value.

Ecosystem SpecialCoins



The main developer and team in very fast and short periods updates BCZ wallets. Coldstaking is alive, next on there is privacy!




Coldstaking Pools:


Active development of a new generation of multi-level masternodes is underway. Three levels are supposed. With each level an increase in rewards.






The project is in the process of updating into latest Sigma/Lelantus libs. This is an opportunity to start a new path for a coin.





Lately on BCZ Wallet:

HD Wallet Upgrade

Export function

Cold Staking Release

Enhanced Auto Backups

Faster startup, quicker network sync

New cool look!


We are preparing a complete roadmap with a history of the development of the Ecosystem SpecialCoins
and showing the progress of the development team.

Introducing some of the latest significant steps for BCZ, BZX, GXX coins


BCZ, 1st MultiChain UTXO Knife Injection


NEXXT Adaptive POW Diff Controller for BZX


BCZ Wallet Release




BCZ moves to POS


BCZ "Fake Stake" Staking Fairness Solution


Own Block Explorers Built for BCZ GXX BZX


BCZ Cold Staking Activated


Community Cold Staking Service Launched

BCZ Masternode Setup Guide in 7 simple steps.

Nodes are computers that host a full copy of BCZ’s blockchain and help to verify the validity of transactions.
Masternodes are a special type of node that earn a part of BCZ’s block reward (currently at 1.0 BCZ of the 3.1 BCZ block reward ) in return for hosting a reliable and powerful node that helps to support the network. Masternodes require a refundable collateral of 5000 BCZ to ensure masternode holders have a stake in the coin and are incentivised to keep it working honestly, updated often and have a high uptime.

If you expect the possibility and desire to install masternodes, follow the link below for complete instructions

Use manual


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